Our Vision

“Be the best we can be”

Our vision is to be the best we can be and to provide local children with the best education in the area, through the careful selection and training of trainee teachers, with the support of our strategic partner schools.

Although we do take trainee teachers from a number of local universities, we saw the SCITT as an opportunity to ‘grow our own’. The improvement priority was not just to launch the SCITT in a professional manner, but to ensure staff became involved from our own school and other primary and secondary schools in the local area. The main priority was to build this collaborative approach to teacher training and closely quality control what was being delivered.

The SCITT had to involve a number of key staff from local primary schools, local secondary schools, senior leadership and Specialist Leaders in Education (SLE) to assist with the delivery of professional studies programme but, also to act as ‘critical friends’ throughout the launch and initial start-up. A local university, Birmingham City University was also added as a strategic partner and this element of the course was closely monitored. A link with other SCITTs (Tudor Grange SCITT and Ninestiles SCITT) was established, to act as an additional form of moderation and to offer guidance and support when needed, as well as the appointment of an external moderator.

The launch in 2014 was evaluated at every turn, with adjustments made if needed. The rationale being that, as a new priority within the local area, the provision needed to be ‘outstanding’ from the very beginning if we were to ensure a quality delivery, process and experience for the trainees who had signed up for the course. Increasing our profile within the local community; of schools, staff, parents, students and trainees is an on-going mission. We are learning how to market effectively, both locally and nationally, and join up with other ITT providers for events, such as ‘Train to Teach’ events. The launch of our own ‘Train to Teach’ events has heightened our local profile.

Our goal is to maintain a commitment to improving the quality of teaching and learning in the local area and collaboration with our local and regional partners is the key to this. We believe that the modelling of best practice, using current experienced practitioners promotes school based provision that is of a high quality. We have shown, through management, collaboration and vision that we can respond to the needs of our strategic partners and our trainees, without compromising quality.

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